Monday, 4 July 2011

lazy days & weddings

lazy day at work today... hello, procrastination!

looking at some blogs... i'm loving

- the blonde salad
- fashion toast
- cupcakes & cashmere
- cherry blossom girl

i love the girliness of these blogs, the creativity, fashion inspiration, deocrating genius, recipes...

loving the style of chiara ferragni of the blonde salad

how cute is the idea of pairing leather shorts with a crisp white shirt? i struggle to make my leather shorts work for day time- so copying this idea! wonder if i could pull off brogues without looking ridiculous?
this is from emily schuman (of cupcakes & cashmere)'s office. okay, i am beyond coveting this garland! next paycheck i am investing. i used to display my (presentable) clothes on a rack like this and loved the fashion show look. i've been looking around for a rack lately but this pic has encouraged me to hasten the search.

on another note, my sister is getting married in 6 months and we've been busy planning the wedding! i have to admit i've never been one of those wedding-obsessed girls who have been planning their day since they were half-toothless, dressing their barbies in voluminous white gowns (if i did it would be for the sole purpose of covering their chewed feet, courtesy of the family pug), but i'm starting to get into it now.

after all, what is there to complain about a gorgeous dress, finger bling and a multi-story cake?

some thoughts on today

- my friend sent me the funniest/grossest photos of us from about 5 years ago. thank god we have discovered hair dye and how to properly apply makeup!! so funny seeing all faces all pink and unformed

- i had the BEST caramel slice i have ever tasted- sticky, rich, thick, molten sugar, so sweet my ears rang... AHHH SO GOOD!

- did some window shopping

- rediscovered op shops

- coveting:

<3 cooper st flamenco blazer- gorgeous salmon color with dion lee-esque cut-outs
<3 black blazer
<3 lacey top
<3 leather skirt
<3 leopard scarf
<3 silk shirtdress


Sunday, 3 July 2011

charmed life

so here is my first blog entry! i feel a bit silly making this, for thinking anyone really cares what I have to say, but this is for me

it's about encouraging me to seek joy via

- food
- fashion
- pleasurable pursuits
- guilty pleasures

aka lead a charmed life

and have fun :)