Wednesday, 2 November 2011

style inspire: the white blazer

Bianca Jagger immortalised the white blazer when she wore it to wed Mick Jagger in '71. Glamorous, sexy and a little edgy, the white blazer evokes a sense of mystery with a touch of rock-and-roll cool.

P.S. The fact that it is a staple of Kate Moss speaks volumes!

The innovator: Ms. Jagger in '71

Kate Moss by Terry Richardson
The way they wore:

Monochromatic: Kate Moss and Ashley Olsen wear it timelessly; Blake Lively flirts with a plunging neckline, imbuing the classic with the sexy playfulness she's famous for
Feminine: Hayden Panettiere gives polish to her embellished skirt; Moss wears over snakeskin dress with nonchalance; Lively is pretty and girly in white-on-white. 

How do you wear your white blazer?